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Genetics is the New Fashion

[Image: Amplification by Sean Lally 2006]

A few weeks ago we declared fashion was the new architecture. Oh, how naive we were, back in early October. Its turns out genetics is the new fashion. The MAK Center for Art and Architecture in weho is hosting their latest exhibition opening on sunday, with just about the coolest title we've heard for an architecture show in a long, long time: The Gen(h)ome Project. Its site explains it is:

an exhibition exploring the integration of recent developments in information technologies and the natural sciences — especially genetics — into cutting-edge architecture. Interacting with one of the 20th century’s most renowned architectural experiments, the Schindler House, exhibition projects offer “genetic modifications” of the home’s structure, interiors and grounds. Among the many scientific methodologies referenced are nanotechnology, climatology, cell physiology, astronomy, robotics and algorithms.Oh my god, robots?! We are so there. Bonus: Sunday is also MAK Day, celebrating Schindler's birth with a full day of activities and lectures, all free. Just the way Schindler would have liked it.