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And in Breaking Famima!! News

(picture credit: flickr user Olivander)

From Downtown LA we get this just in from a frantic emailer:

We know there are two Famima!! locations coming to downtown. The one at 6th and Olive is still unbuilt. But this morning, I was on my way home from breakfast at the Pantry and took a peek at the 8th and Figueroa location...IT'S DONE!

Not open yet, but the lights were blazing. The shelves were well-stocked with Pocky. The coolers filled with bottled green tea. There was a wet-dry vac sitting ready to clean the floor. The only thing missing were the sushi and panini sandwiches in the gondola cooler.

This could easily be open in a day or two with just a final going over by the staff. When will it open??? This puts the lie to the skeptical commenter some time back who doubted they could open so many locations by year's end.

I'm ready for my Pocky!

Blogdowntown has more info on the 6th and Olive Famima!! and a new Starbucks at Elleven. The chains are running wild in Downtown.
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