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More on Mozza AND Our Piss Poor Grammar

Thanks for the emails and comments that have set our tummies a rumbling with news of the impending opening (beginning of November) of Mozza. A reader has a first hand account and a little comment on our grammatical problems handicap.

Subject: Batali Watch: Git Away from Mah Belly! Curbed,

The brown paper is off the windows, and there are lights on (as seen through tinted windows... must be dark in there at 9am). There appears to be other signs of activity, with more vehicles around the neighborhood.

I wonder what parking is going to be like, let alone how traffic will perform in the left lane turning off Highland (northbound) on a green light, since there is no dedicated left signal turn on to Melrose.... the lane hopping is bad enough on Highland heading northbound in the evening to have to deal with yet another obstacle (no, I do not mean Mario's belly, but it could be a factor).

Actually, this is not why I am writing. I have to ask a grammar question regarding compound words: when do you decide to use them? It can be a touchy subject -- and the grammar checker in MS Word is woefully ignorant of the concept -- however, I note in your story regarding the 1100 Wilshire the phrase "... problem plagued..." might make a good candidate for compounding.

Your thoughts? I apologise in advance for any offense, which is not intended.

We appreciate the concern over our bad grammar and poor spelling. We've all joined the Bad Spellurs Sepport Group to help us deal with this situation. In time, we hope that the use of commas, apostrophes, and dictionaries will be as natural to us as breathing air. In the meantime, please suffer with us.
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