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Misc. Stuff from Curbed

Bloggers: We can't tell you how jealous we are that BLDG BLOG got a mention in an advertisement for the new Blackberry Pearl. Geoff's in town for a few weeks and he's already gone all Hollywood on us. Somebody put Curbed in your advert! C'mon Pinkberry.

Transportation: A Van Nuys man has been named the 100 millionth person to ride the MetroLink. Andrew Sanchez, a Disney employee, received prizes including a trip to Baja, according to the OC Register, for being the milestone individual. The MetroLink system anticipated hitting the 100 million mark next year, but thanks to our increasingly sucky traffic and high gas prices, they reached the milestone early.

Earthquakes: Good news via Apartment Therapy. The cost of earthquake insurance has dropped to somewhat affordable levels. Only 12 percent of Californians currently have earthquake insurance, while the rest of us are at the mercy of FEMA. The California Earthquake Authority has a nifty "Estimated Premium Calculator" that lets you determine your monthly premium based on location and the value of your possessions.