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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: Carnival Fun

Thank you for the well thought out questions and answers again this week. Next week is our super spooky Halloween edition. Please adjust your questions accordingly. You can email us at

1) West Hollywood: We've requested more information from the people in the know (who sort of owe us) and are still awaiting feedback. If and when such news filters down to us we will share.

2) Silver Lake: The project at the northwest corner of Monroe and Hoover is being built by Habitat Group of LA, which according to its website "develops contemporary luxury houses, townhouses and condominiums in the Los Angeles area." The web site names the project as Habitat Monroe with information "coming soon!" However, via the magic of the City's web site we can see that the project is planned as a 12 unit condo project, with two structures housing six units each. Now, on to the bigger issues of Bellevue Park. One reader writes in:

I've lived next to Bellevue Park for the last 2 and half years. It's a little nicer after the renovation, but it can be noisy and I'm frustrated with every Tom, Dick y Jesús that comes by and honks to pick up people, or simple parks their phat-ass minivan in the cul-de-sac to the North of the park. These people are the suck. I'd hesitate to even call the area Silver Lake....seriously, the Reservoir and Dawg Parq are quite a ways away (at least on foot), we're mercilessly close to that ragtag 101 "freeway" and they found a body @ the park within the last 12 months. No matter, nothing can stop the Silver Lake Empire! Soon, those bucolic, tree-lined streets south of the Hollywood Freeway shall be park of Silver Lake, Inc.

The reader also states he is being condo converted right out of his apartment. That is the suck. 3) Curbed LA: Some fool asked: "What is the availablity at Curbed and the price ranges of a 2bedrm 2bath?" We say: "We currently have no vacancies. We do not allow pets, nor models, nor actors, nor smelly playwrights or former reality TV stars looking for their big break. We have onsite W/D. A three foot deep wading pool, enclosed by rod iron gates to keep out the drown prone kiddies. Rent is $1500 unless you want a view, then its more."

4) Hollywood: Re. Book City, Michael in the comments says: "I believe Book City is turning into the Hollywood outpost of Loteria (the top-notch Mexican joint at the Farmer's market). As opposed to the Farmer's Market incarnation, this would serve alcohol but the menu is meant to be pretty similar. Would be a major step up for Hollywood Boulevard dining options." We have no word on the happening at H'wood and Ivar, but we will use the Google to see if something turns up.

5) BeverlyGrove: We'll give the first graph from Carter in the comments about the replacement for Yi Cuisine: "Celadon is a Euro-Asian "galerie culinaire" of small, beautifully presented and mouthwatering plates in a comfortable, chic Asian environment that has both rustic and modern elements. Executive Chef Danny Elmaleh applies classic French techniques to the preparation of his gastronomic seductions for the sight, smell and taste of those who travel though the front doors." More info in the comments, here.

6) Hollywood: The answer to why there was a mini-carnival in the empty lot on Leland comes down to moolah. That's right, cold hard cash. Dollars. Greedy developers and land owners (admit it, they are) want to squeeze every penny out of their land so they put on creepy carnivals and pumpkin patches while awaiting permits or what nots. From commenter Walker in LA, a first hand account: "I walked by the traveling carnival in Hollywood this weekend. There were way too many carnival rides stuffed in such a small space, and it smelled of the porta-potties that greeted people at the entrance. The night that I walked by the carnival, there was a broken decorative top of a ride smashed on the ground. If this incapacitated ride wasn’t a warning to parents about the safety of those carnival rides, I don’t what is…"

Send your questions in now or be left out of the fun on Tuesday.