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Market Loft's Bad Engrish, Bad Mapping

The real estate market in Los Angeles is competitive. We get that. That's why when readers point out to us some bad marketing tactics, we have to scratch our head and wonder what these brokers/sales offices are thinking. Our inner grammar geek is especially appalled by bad english, poor spelling, awkwardly constructed taglines. blogdowntown has pointed out an especially egregious example at Market Lofts. As Eric points out, if you plan on marketing yourself as a savvy downtown condo option, it might be wise to double check your map: its the Historic Core, not the "History District." blogdowntown's Flickr photoset points out all the mapping mistakes, which begins to look like a surrealist version of downtown, with streets moved, Disney Hall now sitting on top of the DWP building, and the LA Times and Olvera Street are now adjacent. Trippy, yes. Good marketing, no.
· Dear Market Lofts [blogdowntown]