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Vote Yes on Prop H? Well, maybe...

We were excited to hear from a friend in the bowels of city government that Curbed LA would be targeted as part of the propaganda campaign for Prop H - the Billion Dollar Affordable Housing Bond. We waited in anticipation, and today it all comes to fruition. Let the games begin! First from the Prop H proponents, a YouTube commercial where real poor people talk about being able to afford a crapshack in LA. Sorry folks, if we can't afford a back yard, neither can you. There are six commercials in total. Collect them all!

And to balance the generosity of providing people with affordable housing, the greedy bastards at Martini Republic (just kidding Joe) blast the LA Times' Op-Ed piece by Michael Schill, which argues for the housing bond. Now we at Curbed have no intention of telling you how to vote, as we are underinformed on many issues, but we will continue to bring you both sides of this very important issue so that you may decide by yourself.
· Making L.A. Living More Affordable [LA Times]
· Fishwrap goes berserk op-ed page [Martini Republic]