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BataliWatch 06: Breaking! Mozza Open...Maybe?

Could it be? Has the long awaited day finally arrived? One eagle-eyed reader wrote in to tell us it looks like Mozza is already open:

You guys are letting me down! I rely on you to provide me information on when things open, but, as I was driving down Highland by Melrose, I saw a peculiar sight. That sight was Mozza. Your last post about the new Batali eatery merely stated that it had a sign up, but as I drove by tonight, it was open! Crowded with people, and with a valet parking station outside. I trust you'll never fail me again.We are duly humbled. As a form of self-flagellation we will commit ourselves to a carb-free diet for the rest of the week. No pizza for us. Further investigation into the rumored opening reveals the pizzeria may indeed be open (on the highland side), while the adjacent restaurant (melrose side) is still a work in progress.