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Curbed LA's Misc. Newsy Bits

Bars & Nightlife: reports on a shake-up at SBE that has several top people leaving the company. VIP Liaison Daniela Danilovic and Restaurant Group President Reza Roohi are both leaving the company, within days of each other, under suspicious circumstances. Perhaps Brent Bolthouse made them fetch his tuna on whole wheat sandwich one too many times. In related news, also reports The Hills: Season 2 is filming. Good god, help us all.

Retail: UK supermarket giant Tesco has yet to open its first store in Los Angeles, yet it seems to already understand the market. Tesco has caused a mini-furor in the UK by offering the Peekaboo Pole Dancing kit in the children's toys & games section of its web site. According to The Sun, the pole dancing kit invites users, and children, to “unleash the sex kitten inside.“ Could this really be any worse than those hoochie Bratz dolls?

Transportation: Just days away from its one year anniversary the Orange Line gets all uppity and starts crashing into people again. It was October 29, 2005 when the popular transit line first started carrying people across the Valley. We remember it well as the multiple crashes provided early fodder for our new blog. Since that time, the bus line has proven to be one of the safest, if not slowest, methods of mass transit in the City.