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1100 Wilshire: Lawyers Get Involved

Well this didn't end like we would have hoped. The problem plagued 1100 Wilshire, which we have discussed several times (here and here), has ended up in court. The discrepancy between the promised and the actual square footage seems to have been the last straw for some potential tenants. Via the LoftLA Forum, poster ConcernedOwner1100 posts this:

FYI- If anyone is interested in monitoring the pending lawsuit, here is the link to the LA Superior Court website. Scroll to the bottom and enter the case number (BC359083), click search and all the documents filed and the upcoming hearing dates will be displayed. I've seen the complaint, which is public record, their main claim is the square footage. I have not joined the lawsuit but am keeping an eye on the developments. There's an upcoming status conference on November 2, 2006.

Among those listed as defendants in the lawsuit are 1100 Wilshire Associates LLC, 1100 Wilshire Property Owners Association, and Forest City Enterprises. And to think, this building was designed according to good feng shui principles.
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