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Rumblings & Bumblings: Sunset on Millenium?

We received a lot of questions this week. That's great. Unfortunately our imperious overlords in NYC yell at us when we post too many questions. So we'll post some q's today and some next week, when we'll probably have none. For this week, please email us at with your answers. See you on Thursday.

(rendering via Kanner Architects)

1) West Hollywood: Sadly, this question pops up every few months. "Is anything happening on the Sunset Millenium project or is it dead in the water again. I would really like to see the project get underway. I think it would improve the area."

2) Silver Lake: Lots of questions with no easy answers. "Who is habitat group LA. Are the condos/whatevers that they are building on the corner of monroe and hoover in silverlake going to be really expensive? How will these bad boys affect the neighborhood? Is Bellevue park the next up and coming area? Ha."

3) Curbed LA: A challenging question, indeed. Hmmm. "What is the availablity at Curbed and the price ranges of a 2bedrm 2bath?"

4) Hollywood: A two-fer! "So it looks like work is about to get started where the old Book City was located on Hollywood Blvd - any ideas? Also it looks like at the corner of Ivar and Hollywood next to Cinespace - the scaffolds are in place and someone is going to put that empty spot to use. Any ideas?"

5) BeverlyGrove: A good foodie question for our foodie experts. "Looks like there is a new restaurant at the former Yi Cuisine space on 3rd St... The new restaurant is is called CELEDON... I can't find any information on this place however... What do you guys know? Who is the chef? Who owns it? What kind of food?"

6) Hollywood: We end with the long question. We'll put it in special blockquotes to denote its specialness.

"Dear Curbed, This email concerns something that might be outside your ken, not in your bailiwick, or not your thing.

But I live at the corner of Mansfield Ave and Leland Way, so I'm 1 block west of the old car wash site that's now a vacant lot awaiting a mixed-used (with traffic involved) reincarnation (

Here's my question-why is it playing host to a traveling carnival this weekend? Is that what big-shot real estate developers do with vacant lots? Can I expect a last-minute pumpkin patch next weekend? A Christmas tree lot in December?

Also, no clear word on whether they have worked out traffic and parking issues with LAPD's Hollywood Division. And was there a permit issued?

Maybe it's all brilliant work by Lennar Urban-the neighbors have misgivings about your 'lofts.' Put on a carnival, a pumpkin patch, a turkey shoot, a Christmas tree lot, and a traveling rodeo and the neighbors will welcome whatever they want to build with open arms. Any thoughts?" We might have a few. Answers and potentially more questions on Thursday.