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Pan American Loft Progress Not Very Progressive

You might not realize it based on some of our previous posts, but we love us some Downtown. We love how every new fall show seems to be shooting somewhere downtown. (Hey, was that the Death Star we saw in The Nine?) We love so many of the new lofts. We love that downtown's getting not one, but two Famima!! So we want some good news, really we do. But that's just not going to happen today. One reader writes in with some news on the progress of the Pan American Lofts near Bunker Hill:

Have you followed the progress of the conversion of the historic Pan American Building (built in 1885) at 3d and Broadway into 40 residential lofts? When the original release of lofts was promoted in October 2005, the announced occupancy date was April 2006. Well,it is now October and there have been many casualties to its completion, including the original window vendor who couldn't deliver. The building has just announced a release of 14 more units, but a lot of the original applicants have gone by the wayside. Many of the Countrywide contracts that were signed in December 2005 have gone way passed their original 9 month lock expiration dates. The new occupancy date is December of this year, but if you look at the progress of the main floor retail area and parking structure, that looks iffy.

The units, themselves are quite lovely. Since I still have hopes of buying one, I hope Union Pacific Builders does not self-destruct.

Still, the developers have posted new price lists just a week ago, so hope springs anew.