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MTA is a Go-Go

Things couldn't be better for the MTA these days. You got the Expo Line underway, the East LA extension of the Gold Line, and the Orange Line blowing through to Chatsworth. And now, the Times reports on another new line in early planning stages with the greatest pay off of all. It's the holy grail of LA mass transit. Yes, its the fabled connection to LAX.

"Planners envision a new light rail line that would run along Crenshaw Boulevard and Florence Avenue between Exposition Boulevard and the airport. Although still in the early planning stages, officials believe that the line could be opened by 2015 if they can secure the $1 billion needed to build it."
We couldn't be more excited about our future commute from home to the airport by rail, but sadly we feel like this is all going to end badly. The MTA has a history of mucking things up and we have this sinking feeling that something bad is going to happen. Like they'll discover the trains cause cancer or they'll route the train through a long forgotten cemetary, or instead of linking to LAX, an MTA engineer will accidentally link to the LAX nightclub. Or maybe they'll blow up another Ross Dress for Less. It could happen.
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