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New Downtown Tower: A Ruse?

We’d like to give a shout out to our readers. You’ve been chock full of great material this week. Keep it up.

And on to the latest information from one of our inside sources concerning Maguire’s proposed 50-story tower downtown:

News here is that the "7+Fig" tower is actually a ruse-- Maguire doesn't plan on actually constructing the thing; they want to get bought out by Brookfield (who owns the Ernst & Young Plaza tower in the complex, as well as the tower at 6th & Fig) and this is their way of trying to generate interest/attention in their portfolio. People are really doubting it's ever going to get built. At least, that's the rumor from the brokers.We certainly hope it’s not a cunning attempt to deceive.
· New Skyscraper for Downtown [LA Curbed]