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Storefronting: NYC Fashionista Sweeps In

Following the triumph of Highland Park resident Jeffrey Sebelia on Project Runway, what else can LA expect to keep its fashion juices flowing. A reader answers our question before we even asked:

"Looks like Vera Wang is coming to hang her shingle and her ego on Melrose Place, joining Diane von Furstenberg and Marc Jacobs. All, who seem to feel, they must bring their New York nonsense into West Hollywood. Why does she need a store when we can buy her china in Bloomingdales? I hate being so snarky. The truth is, if you knew me, you'd discover I am clothes horse, a fashion whore, and an addicted shopper but that whole axis of retail is grossing me out." Via Fashion Week Daily, we learn that the store will be located at 8424 Melrose Avenue, "in what was the former home of the Farnese Gallery". No word on an opening date for the Wang store.
· Wang Heads West [Fashion Week Daily]