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The Exurb Naming Guide

Okay, for the second time, we post about the exurb naming guide. Inspired by the suburb naming guide that we posted about earlier, a reader created his own SoCal specific guide. After working through his technical difficulties, the reader sends us a file that doesn't sputter out 1 and 0s. Instructions as follows:

"To operate this Manual simply choose a name from column 1 (columns marked with an 'x' do not need "The" pre-added). Then insert your choice of 'at' or 'in'. After this, add one word from each column A, B and C. If you feel like challenging yourself you can add TWO words from colum B and leave out column A. Also, you can substitute "Vista" for almost any word and make sure to sprinkle your own Spanish Name in there by placing San/Santa before and an 'o' onto the end of any name."