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Curbed LA's Miscellany Monday

Celebrity: Posh and Becks may be coming to America very soon... but sadly it may be to New York. The reports the world famous (except in the States) twosome will set up residence outside of NYC, with Becks playing for the Red Bulls of the MLS. There is still an outside chance they could end up in LA, with Beckham playing for the Galaxy. Earlier this year we did a preliminary guesstimate of where the Beckhams might land in Bel Air.

Architecture: Archinect blurbs that Sci-ARC grad and "Japanese architecture genius" Hitoshi Abe will become the chair of UCLA's architecture and urban design department. Local architect Neil Denari, a former teacher of Abe, was quoted by the Times: "As a student, Denari says, 'Hitoshi's work was always incredibly radical, just pushing the limits.'" Abe plans to bring an Eastern influence to the school, with a focus on two of our favorite things, information technology and robots.

Tourists: Expect throngs of camera carrying canucks to be making their way to West Hollywood, or maybe just west of Hollywood. The Vancouver Sun notes the usual disappointment out of towners feel upon seeing Hollywood - not as big or glamorous as the movies. But it tempts them with star sightings and general starfuckery at places outside of "Hollywood" such as the Roosevelt, the Ivy, Rodeo and The Grove. You might even see Jon Cryer!

Restaurants: Our brother site in San Francisco emails us with important news from time to time, including the imminent arrival of Cafe Gratitude. "Watch out for the raw foodies, you guys are getting a cafe gratitude! you should suffer through the ordering by affirmations b/c their smoothies are so, so good." In its efforts to expand, the lifestyle eatery/smoothie shop (??) is offering a redeemable $1,000 gift card, which you can purchase now, providing capital for the expansion, and in return earn a 20 percent return on your money. That's right! Your $1,000 can get you $1,200 in smoothies.