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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: Bird Dogging

Oh, hey! We're Curbed and we're glad you could join us again this week. We're happy to post your answers and commentary today and take your questions and updates for Tuesday. Please email us at, and we'll see you again soon

1) Westside: So the answer to why traffic is so bad on the Westside lies in your mirror. That's right, the problem is you. If you would bike, take a bus or buy a moped, traffic would be much better. Or so says our commenters. One commenter thinks maybe a canyon road is closed. Sorry we don't have a definitive answer.

2) Los Angeles: We took the above pic of a bird-on-wire at the intersection of Franklin and Bronson, near Birds. We researched briefly and found a post on and a post on the Montecito Heights blog but neither could answer who is responsible. So we looked around the Wooster Collective blog but saw nothing on this street art, but apparently the use of birds in street art is very popular. Who ever is doing it has now spread the birdies all the way to Santa Barbara, a commenter notes.

3) Mid-Wilshire/Miracle Mile: Please, everyone note: The big pit at Wilshire and Ridgeley, 5600 Wilshire, is being developed into a mixed-use project according to the project's Civil Engineer, who emailed us. Another emailer reports that the 5600 Wilshire project is still listed on BRE Property's 10-Q, which states the project will have 284 units.

4) Hollywood: Added late because we skipped it numerous times, a questioner asks whats the deal with the "homeless shelter" planned near Hollywood & Vine. An emailer responds: "If by "homeless shelter," your idiot reader means Permanent Supportive Housing (in other words - units for extremely low income individuals who no longer wish to live on the street), then I'm pleased to report that the project is thus far on track to move ahead. A project committee made up of area stakeholders is still working with the CRA to develop the final proposal, and my sources suggest that they are getting close. More info will probably be coming available in the next few months." Thank you.

And that's it for this week.