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Curbed LA: Opening Our Mailbag

Thanks for the recent rash of reader emails that have provided us with another post that requires us to do little more than copy and paste. People powered internet is alive and well. If you have something on your mind, a hot tip, or a comment please email us at and we'll look at it.

Subject: Exurb Naming Manual

Piggybacking on the recent post about the subdivision naming, a reader provides a helpful guide to naming your SoCal Exurb. Unfortunately the file he sent came up all scrambled and we can't make heads or tails of it, which might be for the best. "It is with great danger and under cover of darkness that I am leaking to you the "SoCal Exurb Naming Manual". DO what you see fit with the enclosed document, but PLEASE destroy this email upon your reciept of it. Our lives could both be in peril. (You know that KB Home is owned by bloodthirsty Satanists!) I expect the entire California real estate market to collapse once this baby makes it into the press...

To operate this Manual simply choose a name from column 1 (columns marked with an 'x' do not need "The" pre-added). Then insert your choice of 'at' or 'in'. After this, add one word from each column A, B and C. If you feel like challenging yourself you can add TWO words from colum B and leave out column A. Also, you can substitute "Vista" for almost any word and make sure to sprinkle your own Spanish Name in there by placing San/Santa before and an 'o' onto the end of any name. Mine would be San Christophero." Reader, can you please resubmit the file or tell us what program to open it in.

Subject: 1940s LA Video Game

We don't play video games anymore as we spend most of our hours busy looking for new friends on MySpace. But we like hearing about video games, including this one that a reader emails about. "Not sure if this is curbed worthy, but for the combo videogame/planning dorks out there. . .

This sweet looking game for the upcoming Playstation 3 takes place in 1940s LA. Not sure if the game will be fun but the trailer is impressive.

"Set in 1940s Los Angeles, L.A. Noire is said to blend a number of different elements such as action, cinematic storytelling, and problem-solving, and takes place in a meticulously-recreated version of the City of Angels from more than sixty years ago." -

Sweet looking trailer at"

Subject: homeless project hollywood and vine

We've managed to overlook this question for three weeks running in R&B. Sorry dear reader. Consider this an addendum to yesterdays questions. Maybe someone can write in with an answer. "What's the latest regarding the homeless shelter project near the W Hotel and Residences at Hollywood/Vine? i've been trying to find some information. i hope this has stalled out." From the tone of the email, we think the reader meant he hopes the project "hasn't stalled out".