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Orange County Development... Yawn

For those of you complaining about the appearance of the new 50-story Maguire Properties development "7th + Fig", we can only say to you be glad you're not in Orange County. OC Metro gives a rundown of five "major projects" in the county. Unfortunately, "bland not grand" seems to be the mantra of OC development.

The above development, 2211 Michelson, from Houston based Hines LP is reflective of what the OC can expect. From the Hines web site, the building is described thusly:

"Elegant, efficient and Californian, this 12-story jewelbox office building is sheathed in architectural white metal panels and high-performance silver vision glass, expressing sophistication on the skyline." DMJM is listed as the architect. They are also responsible for the hideous new police headquarters downtown.
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