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Underwear Bandit Now Looking for New Home

Potential roommates please note, this Craigslist poster has no real hang ups, well, okay, maybe just one.

"Looking for male or female, doesn't really matter but female is preferred only because they tend to be a little cleaner... You have full access to everything in the apartment. For the most part, if it's there, then you're welcome to it. Like I said before, I'm not going to freak out if you eat my food. It's probably going to go to waste anyways... Why am I looking for a new roommate? Recently discovered my current roommate has been stealing my girlfriends underwear out of the laundry and doing god knows what to them. So he's gone. I'm pretty easy going and can understand a lot...but that's not one of them."

Good lord, some of you people are freaks.
· $1295 Luxury Condo In Studio City [Craigslist]