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New Skyscraper for Downtown

[Image Credit: L.A. Times]

Master Developer Robert F. Maguire announced yesterday that he is planning another high rise office building for downtown. For those of you unfamiliar with Maguire, he is responsible for the U.S. Bank Tower (a.k.a. Library Tower) and The Gas Company Tower. The planned skyscraper will be at 7th and Figueroa and will be called “7 + Fig.” We’re not sure how that name differs from the existing “7th & Fig” development, but we’re just picky that way. Maybe the planned “repositioning” of that shopping center means that it is due for a name change. Anyway, the planned 50-story tower will have about 1 million square feet of space, and architect Richard Keating is behind the design:

Keating said he was striving to create "a dignified, elegant building" that would "stand in contrast to the cacophony of our everyday lives. We'd like to establish a new image for downtown L.A."That’s a bold promise for an office tower.
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