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Rumblings & Bumblings: More Wilshire & Ridgeley

Things are slowing down, way down, in our inbox. Either you've run out of questions or we've hurt you in some way. Listen, we love you baby, we never meant to yell at you. Let's put things in the past and start over. Please email us at with your answers for this weeks questions or your new questions for next week. See you on Thursday.

1) Westside: Traffic is horrible everywhere. Including on the Westside, says a reader. But why? "I was wondering if you know what the hell is going on with Beverly Glen. I work in Brentwood and live in West Hollywood (a whole 6 mile commute) This week every day it has taken me close to 2 hours to get home (usually zap up Barrington to Sunset and then to my house which is just off of Sunset) But this week it has taken over an hour to get from the east side of UCLA to Beverly Glen. There are no accidents or broken down cars causing the delay and once you pass Beverly Glen it's empty on the roads. Do you know if they are doing roadworks or some kind of construction on Beverly Glen that could cause Sunset to back up and not move through Westwood. Traffic is completely out of control. Even in the morning, it's taking me 40-45 minutes to drive 6 miles on Santa Monica and Wilshire. This is INSANE!!!!"

2) Los Angeles: We read the answer to this Q on one of those other fine LA blogs several weeks ago. We'll google and have an answer later. "I've noticed at intersections from Los Feliz to West Hollywood that there are bird cut outs that now adorn various traffic intersections. It looks like they hang them on the electrical wires by attaching the bird cut out to a rope, tying a weight on one end, and tossing the birds over the wires. Any ideas on who is decorating our intersections and what the significance of the birds are?

3) Mid-Wilshire/Miracle Mile: This is totally the question that won't die. We talked about this area earlier this month, no? A reader sends in a new question: "I live near the Ralph's on Wilshire. You posted that the SavOn in mid-demolition would become condos. But what about the giant pit directly across from the Ralphs? After, what, 15 years, it's gated off and ready for development. A construction worker told me it was being made into a school. Do you have any details? " So is it a school, or is it this?

We look forward to hearing from you soon.