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Tuesday's Miscellany (Not to be confused with linkage)

(rendering from Urban West)

Architecture: Mark your calendars. Monday Oct 23-Sunday Oct 29 is Architectural Digest's "Architecture Days" in LA. According to the press release we received, and totally hate, Architecture Days takes the general public on tours of things architecture related. Angelenos will be able to go on home tours, garden tours, and play catch with Frank Gehry. Maybe not that last part.

NIMBYs: A good old fashioned NIMBY fight is going on in Santa Ana. The OC Register reports that the Santa Ana City Council has delayed making a decision about a proposed modern building in Santa Ana's historic district to provide more time to study the impacts of the development on a neighboring historic structure. The live/work development building has garnered howls of protests from neighbors who have protested by "carrying signs reading 'Save our Historic Site' and 'No Modern Buildings.'"

Development: JSM Construction of Santa Monica has taken a roll of the dice as it attempts to develop a portion of the Veterans Admin Campus on the Westside. Through some kind of kooky online deal, the Army sold a ten acre parcel at the intersection of Wilshire and Federal in exchange for JSM constructing 255,000 sq. ft. of admin and training space on other Army sites in Southern California. JSM now faces stiff opposition a public flogging from locals and County Supervisior Zev Yaroslavsky, who oppose any, and we mean ANY, development of the VA Campus.