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Curbed LA's Miscellany Monday

Transportation: Sure, it may not go to the sea. Or operate late at night. Or have a predictable schedule, but LA's MTA was just named America's Best Transit system by the American Public Transportation Association. Look for a new ad campaign with the tagline: "Ride America's Best." Hey, didnt they steal that from the Gay Rodeo?

Retail: Say goodbye to Tower Records, as they liquidate their stores, including the West Hollywood and Santa Monica locations. Also leaving the promenade: Kid Robot, which according to one of our tipsters, will be taken over by personal care company Fresh. According to said tipster, look for them to open this week or so. And in even more Santa Monica news, the surf shop on Main Street made famous by the film Dogtown and Z Boys faces an uncertain future. After finding the Horizons West surf shop and Zephyr skateboard shop on the list of proposed demolitions, the Santa Monica Landmarks Commission is now reviewing its potential for landmark designation, not on the basis of its architectural merit but its cultural contribution. We're, like, totally stoked, dude.

Preservation: The LA Conservancy, as well as a number of other preservation, environmental and special interest groups have their collective panties in a twist over Prop 90. At risk: creation of new HPOZs, new landmark designations, basic zoning limitations. Read the Conservancy's take here. And the LA Times reports the initiative is being bankrolled by a New York real estate developer.