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LMU: Château du Mal Voisin

Westside represent! Loyola Marymount students are on a campaign of partying, peeing and puking that has forced neighbors into action. Last Thursday, a meeting of community and university stakeholders was held to discuss the poor behavior of students. Neighbors hoped to stem the tide of yellow engulfing their quaint Westchester neighborhoods before things started smelling like an unchanged litter box. Via the Loyolan:

[Alex] Weir was one of many residents who has witnessed students urinating on his lawn. He said, "The lady across the street saw one girl pull up her skirt, pull down her pants and squat on the lawn and urinate…It's not good for the neighborhood when people are urinating on the grass. I solved that problem myself by planting cactus." A student defended the action of his classmates by blaming society as the reason they are so unruly. Sweet Pete, we knew those video games and Scooby Doo cartoons were bad for the kids. Councilman Bill Rosendahl, who presided over the meeting, and some residents in attendance, saw some positive efforts being made in relations between students and the community, including the removal of a rowdy frat house on one block and the increased involvement of LMU's Dept of Public Safety. Rosendahl called for the creation of a committee that will in all likelihood bury the problem in bureaucracy. Ahh, bureaucracy. The solution to all of our problems.
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