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Curbed LA's Miscellany News

Urban Planning: Joel Kotkin has an enlightening piece in this month's Metropolis magazine where he proposes a new model of growth called "Suburban Villages". In the article Kotkin manages to simultaneously dismiss smart growthers and New Urbanists while basically repackaging their ideals into new lingo which he claims as his own. New Urbanism in sheeps clothing is still New Urbanism, Joel. Live it and love it.

Housing: News from ABC7 and the OC Register show a continuing decline in the area's housing market. Dataquick shows the median home price in Orange County fell for the third consecutive month, down $20,000 since June. And across the six-county region, home sales have slowed to a 9-year low. In slightly better news, the median home price for the region rose to $484,000, a 1.9% increase from a year ago. But in slightly worse news, that's the smallest percentage increase since 1997.

Celebrity Watch: John Lennon's former home, a Tudor-style estate outside of London, has recently gone on the block for $11.1 million dollars. The home sits on 1.5 acres, with a pool and English style gardens. If you prefer your Lennon estate a little closer to home, we've been watching one of his former abodes in the Hollywood Hills languish on the market for several months now. After a few (okay, four) pricechops, the John Lennon home at 8818 Thrasher Avenue (pictured above) can be yours for $4.95 million. It features a pool and a grassy path!