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Fashion is the New Architecture

Now that the fall archi-tour deathmatch has started to slow down a bit (although those kooky kids at CA Boom still have a couple more to go) no one cares about pretty, pretty houses we can't afford. No, now we care about pretty, pretty dresses and shoes we can't afford. But the kind that are built like architecture - see? We weren't the only ones to notice this trend - GenArt and MOCA have all hopped on the fashion/art/architecture bandwagon. Tomorrow night, Gen Art is sponsoring a runway show in conjunction with LA Fashion Week, and given the avant garde bent of Gen Art, we're hoping for some Gehry-inspired construction. (There's a Peldon on the list! We are so there. Plus, we never thought we'd ever use the words "avant garde" and "Courtney Peldon" in the same post). Not to be outdone, next month MOCA debuts Skin + Bones: Parallel Practices in Fashion and Architecture. Ooh, MOCA, you had us at "Skin."