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"Couture" in Downtown Disney

You thought there was hype over the opening of H&M stores across Southern California, did you? Just wait until those shopping mavens line up for the opening of the new “upscale” Disney boutique. Because those crappy delightful Mickey t-shirts weren’t expensive enough, the new boutique, dubbed Vault 28, will offer couture Mickey t-shirts for upwards of $60. The store will have classy sounding lines, such as Kingdom Couture and DV28 from which you can purchase an Alice in Wonderland pair of jeans for $200 and look like even more of a opulent tourist boob than everyone else wearing the standard issue t-shirt. We just want to meet the suckers willing to pay that. Vault 28 will be in Downtown Disney (we’re guessing near Disneyland). Next for Downtown Disney: luxury condos where you choose your own Little Mermaid, Snow White, Pocahontas, or Dumbo theme.
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