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Invisible Condo Building Proposed in Venice

A new (luxury?) condo development is being proposed for Venice. The proposed project would rise 31 stories above Lincoln Boulevard in the Oxford Triangle area. While some may fear that it would be inharmonious with the neighborhood, the developer has it all figured out:

If approved as proposed 366-foot tall, 158-condo unit project will rise on the triangular lot at 4363 Lincoln Blvd. where the Beverly Hills car rental agency is now. A 6-story parking garage will form the base of the structure, with 3,178 square feet of retail at street level broken into two- or three stores, and a lobby for residents. A tall, thin triangular tower will then soar above the southern apex of the 1.09 acre plot. The entire structure is projected to be sheathed in "highly transparent glass, not the mirrored type like it was a 70s or 80s building," according to Dale Goldsmith, an attorney representing the developer. Vehicle access will be off of Lincoln Boulevard, only.

"We decided to go tall and thin rather than short and fat," Goldsmith told the gathering. "This way, the building will blend with the sky and be less bulky."

Thank God it will not look like it is from the ‘80s because people will otherwise have no idea that the tower is there. We do give points for the sky camouflage. Why didn’t we think of that? People will never complain if they can’t SEE the building. Since it's just in the EIR stage, there probably won't be much to report since an invisible building can't have too many impacts.
· Oxford Triangle Gets High, 31-Story Condo Project Proposed for Venice [Venice Paper]