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Planners Bring the Kinky

Ahh, sometimes it feels so good to be in demand. First comes news that the City is hiring 20 new planners (we hear it's more like 40), and then this via Craigslist:

journalist seeks urban planners
Date: 2006-01-08, 7:30PM PST

You're the experts on space and resource management, conflicting interests, and community relations--and not just when it comes to zoning.

I'm a journalist seeking urban planners to interview for a well-known web advice column. It's like a regular sex & relationships column, but with a twist: this week, planners will be the experts. You are not expected to discuss your own sex life--just to advise other people.

I have limited space left in this article, so contact me immediately if you're interested in being interviewed. Urban and community planners only, please.

Thank you.

* Job location is anywhere
* Compensation: n/a
* Telecommuting is ok.

Nobody ever claimed that Jane Jacobs was a sex goddess, but you never know. And that Pyramid of Participation theory does sound kind of kinky now that we think about it.
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