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Gail Goldberg: City Planner #1

So who is Gail Goldberg and what will her reign as top planner mean for the City? Who knows. We can only judge her by her past - we'll forgive the taint of scandal-plagued San Diego, and wish her the best as she attempts to straighten out a planning department that's overwhelmed and underfunded. A couple of past interviews she provided to the Planning Report might give some hints as to where she may direct the Planning Department:

· A bigger focus on infrastructure (parks, libraries, schools, and fire stations) in older neighborhoods, as well as in newer areas.
· Greater cooperation with the school district to locate new schools in areas where they make sense, rather than areas where the property is cheap.
· Better community outreach to get information out to City stakeholders before they become NIMBYs.

We also hope the new Planning Director will continue to press forward on our nascent subway system, finally connecting us to the beach, the airport and maybe finishing the loop by connecting the West Side to the West Valley. Is that really too much to ask?
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