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A New Years Alternative: Party on the 101

Still smarting from that Giant Village fiasco that ruined everyone's New Years plans (if only by default from having to listen to friends and coworkers bitch about it)? Here In Van Nuys provides an alternative recipe for disaster celebration sure to leave us all with tears in our eyes as we wave goodbye to the previous year:
I have always thought that Los Angeles should prohibit vehicles on the Hollywood Freeway from Barham to Melrose and open it up to pedestrians for a thrilling New Year's Eve celebration. The city could hang thousands of Chinese lanterns along the highway, and light up the all the 1920's buildings in Hollywood. Enormous light shows, great bands, and the nearby Red Line would help bring thousands to the celebration. Crowds would walk and promenade on the Freeway and take in those thrilling views that formerly were restricted to 70mph fly-bys. And we suggest that as soon as the clock strikes midnight, cars would be allowed to drive on the freeway again adding an aspect of danger and romance to the entire event.
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