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Sunset Tower Hotel: Mediocre Mattress & Nice TVs

The LA Times and HotelChatter are happy to give a first look into the newly remodeled/renovated Sunset Tower Hotel (formerly the Argyle). The reviews are lukewarm at best. Via the Times:

My standard accommodations on the eighth floor were small but smartly laid out, with furniture that echoed the lobby's walnut and brass. The goal — to replace the garish old Art Deco decor with furnishings that subtly evoke the hotel's heyday — is admirable.

But for a distinctive landmark on a famed boulevard, the interiors are surprisingly restrained, almost to a fault. Lots of mauve.

HotelChatter also finds a guest review with complaints about small towels. And those flat-panel TVs - they only get six channels. What? We're guessing the UPN isn't one of those channels.
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