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Security Building: Not So F'd Up Anymore

A reader recently visited the Security Building Lofts downtown and reports back. As you may recall, another eyeywitness report from the Newdowntown listserv led to our first report. We subsequently learned that Simpson Housing Solutions was responsible for the seemingly unmitigated clusterfuck. The reader reports:

"You had posted a while back about the Security Lofts at Fifth and Spring downtown. It seems like they have finally gotten their act together. I took a quick tour last weekend and the leasing agent said that six units were already occupied, and about 20 more would be occupied by the end of the month. The units were nice but oddly-shaped (i.e., not square and had about as many corners, angles, nooks and crannies as you could imagine). I'm not moving in there, though, I was just curious to see the place. I am actually more intrigued by what's moving in to the ground floor retail, an art gallery/hot dog restaurant called Weeneez. They claim they'll be opening in February, but I doubt it seriously. They have a web site, but there's not much on there."

Hmmm... That may be a R&B for tomorrow, but we looked back in our email archives and found a brief description of Weeneez, after the jump, for those interested.
· CORRECTION: UPB Not Responsible for Security Bldg. F-Up [Curbed LA]
· Insecurity Over Security Building Lofts [Curbed LA] From a post to the Newdowntown listserv, 12/19/2005

Opening Soon Downtown L.A.!
Weeneez and the Red Dot Gallery and Bistro
Throngs of Chilidog and Art Lovers Fullfill their Fantasies! Downtown L.A. is about to experience Weeneez, a new restaurant featuring truly exceptional hotdogs, incomparable "Homemade Chili," brilliant fresh lemonade, and other outstanding fare. The adjacent Red Dot Art Gallery and Bistro will serve beer and wine as well as an array of seafood appetizers.

Weeneez and the Red Dot will be located at 500 S. Spring Street in the heart of Gallery Row and are expected to open in February 2006.

This nexus of a world-class hotdog shop, a fine art gallery, and bistro will emerge as an exciting meeting place for creatives and voyeurs to hang out and enjoy the renaissance of Downtown.

Partners Sid Carter and Julie Rico are behind this venture. For several years, they've dreamed of creating the best chilidog restaurant in the world, one that could successfully support their endeavors in the art community.

The first exhibition at the Red Dot will be works by artists representing the Bunker Art Group. The Bunker Art Group comprises artists from the former Soviet Union and has its origins in what has been called the "underground or dissident artists" movement of the former Soviet Union. The "bunker" referred to here is reminiscent of the old war bunkers, which offered shelter during bombings during WW2.

The two-man show will feature works by Kiki (Grigor Mikaelyan), Founder, and Lark (Larisa Pilinsky), Leader.
here is more info about the group: