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Shelley Winters' Deathbed Wish: Save WEHO

The WEHO News has an, ummm... interesting (!?) interview with actress Sally Kirkland, self-described God daughter of famed Hollywood actress Shelley Winters, who as we all know recently passed away. Kirkland describes a compelling deathbed scene she had with Ms. Winters that has led her on a course to save WEHO from over development:

“I saw her at the rehabilitation center Friday evening and told her when I came in the room that I’d just been at a rally to save West Hollywood from over-development. She has been bed-ridden and unable to speak [since the heart attack], but when she heard that she bolted upright and took my hand. She tried to say ‘yes, yes, yes with her eyes.’” Ms. Winters passed away early the next morning in her sleep. The rally and her surrogate Mom’s passing led Ms. Kirkland to join Wehona. Kirkland has joined with opponents of an overlay district that many feel will bring high rises along Santa Monica Boulevard, destroying the low-rise charm of the City. Winters spent a good deal of time within the City of West Hollywood, at local spots including the Silver Spoon and at a month-to-month hotel named the Havenhurst Lanai where Ms. Winters said she had an affair with Bob Dylan.
· A Celeb Dives Into Development Battle [WeHo News]