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A little bit of the anger and confusion over the cancellation of Giant Village on New Years Eve has spread over from LAist to our blogging neighborhood. A reader emails a slight rant, and conveniently stays within the confines of this blog by ranting against Downtown rather than the organizers.

Just wanted to rant about how Downtown LA can't throw a fucking new years party if their life depended on it... after years of doing random concerts that never attracted a crowd, Giant Village last year was a moderate success. This year, Giant Village (which had a 6 block section of downtown closed off) had a great lineup and 15,000 people expected. Unfortunately, they didn't plan for the rain and the thing got cancelled by the fire marshall because people could have gotten electrocuted! Downtown my be a real city center in a few years, but not yet.

Next year, I am up in mammoth snowboarding or at another city that has a real celebration!

From reading the LAist post and the links therein, LAFD claims it wasn't their fault that the event was cancelled. All the blame lies with the organizers. And that wretched place we call Downtown.