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Update: Samuel-Navarro Celebrity Tie In

In Los Angeles, when you blindly cast aspersions about someone's taste you'll sometimes errantly hit a celebrity or two. Such is the case with our mid-century property guru's critique of the 1928 Lloyd Wright Samuel-Navarro House.

I nearly cried at the open house Sunday. Once all white walls and concrete floors, letting green painted wood work and the hammered-copper friezes and panels provide contrast and impact, the new owners had "remodeled" terribly, putting garish flocked wall paper on the master bedroom wall and painting everything else in dark, somber colors including blacks. It feels more drug den than architectural masterpiece... The reason as to why the house was back on the market was explained as "the owners are separated and now need to sell." Well, a tipster lets us know that the morose remodeling was done by none other than gloomy-lovebirds Adam Goldberg and Christina Ricci, who seems to have never outgrown the Wednesday Addams phase. We can't imagine why the creepy duo would have split. As our property guru notes, some brighter colors might have saved that relationship.
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