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Friday Morning Self-Aware Linkage

The OC Register's bloggy attempt at blogging, The Morning Eye, takes a look at real estate blogs and calls them the wave of the future, or something. They then call us snooty! The nerve.
· Next big change for real estate: blogs? [The Morning Eye - OC Register]

A 'Bubble Blog' comes to our defense and in general the defense of all OC real estate bloggers in rebuttal to the OC Register article. Alexis Palmer, heiress to the Curbed fortune, is quoted again in her normally forceful tone, saying in no uncertain terms that blogs give homebuyers neighborhood information that real estate brokers might withhold because "[Brokers] have a different agenda than the consumer."
· Blogging: The Future of OC Real Estate [Southern California Real Estate Bubble Crash]

From January 19, CNNMoney tickles our fancy once again by mentioning us and the real estate blogging fad wave of the future. Alexis Palmer is quoted again, and let's slip that Curbed will soon spread its love to San Francisco.
· Blog if you love real estate [CNN]