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Wednesday Mid-Morning Linkage

The Gold Line is on speed, finally. While safety concerns have slowed down the trains to an annoying crawl, ridership has stagnated. Why ride when you can walk and get to Pasadena in the same time? MTA officials have decided to start express service beginning next month that will skip 8 of the line's 13 stations. The express service will shave a staggering 5 minutes off the commute from Union Station to Pasadena. Wooo-weee!
· Same Gold Line, but faster [San Gabriel Valley Tribune]

Uh-oh. The Daily News uses the "f" word to describe the Grand Avenue redevelopment plan. That's right, "FRAUD". Seems that the entire Grand Avenue park plan was just a scam to make a few developers rich while providing us with another unusable park. We have our own "f" word for that.
· Not-so-Grand plan [Daily News]

We're all millionaires! Or at least those of us owning homes. The Daily News reports that in California one of every 13 homes sold in 2005 was a million-dollars or more in cost. In the Valley, 1,705 homes sold last year were in the million-dollar plus range, a 40 percent increase from the year previous.
· Lookin' like a million bucks [Daily News]