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Rumblings and Bumblings: First TJ Rumors of the Year

[You bastards gave us eight really difficult questions this week. If you have any tips, hints or answers please email us at We need all the help we can get.]

1) North Hollywood: Question number one comes from the great white north. "Do you happen to know -- or would you be able to get any info about -- what's going on across the street (north) from Universal City's subway station parking lot? It looks like there's some kind of residential going up, and I can't find anything on the 'net about it! "

2) North Hollywood: We're sensing a pattern here... more from the north. "Something is being built at the corner of Lankershim and Valleyheart Dr. across from Universal Studios. It used to be a shabby office building. Inquiring minds want to know what is it?"

3) Santa Monica: A reader from the beach has a question. " What is that building that was just put up on Santa Monica Beach? It can't be more than 150 metres from the pier and, while it's a fun design, it could not look more out of place!"

4) Santa Monica: A two parter from Santa Monica way."So what is going in at the corner of 2nd and Colorado in Santa Monica where that sketchy McDonald's used to be? In other Santa Monica wonderings, are there finalized plans for the park that is going to replace the old Rand building site, where Ocean Avenue and Moomat Ahiko Way (best street name in all of the world) meet? It is still going to be a park, right?"

5) Hollywood: This really isn't development related, but we know the answer so we'll post the question. "Is the Hollywood Reservoir work completed? Is it open the entire way around? I miss it so!"

6) Hollywood: Trader Joes in Hollywood? Didn't we just give you a Whole Foods "TJ employees seem to think a new store will open somewhere between arclight and the Chinese. Any actual known sites?"

7) Echo Park: We're confused by this email. There are a lot of unanswereds that need answering here. "Reading through the downtown news yesterday a ran upon an article talking about the acquisition of Little Pedro's by one Dana Hollister, owner of The Brite Spot in Echo Park. The article went on to say, she has partnered with Venetos, her boyfriend, on restoring a Sunset Boulevard motel and the revamped Brite Spot. Could this be the resurrection or demolition of that "den of something evil" motel (corner of Sunset & Bates) into more Sunset Blvd condos? If I had the money I would certainly buy that motel, renovate it into modern 60's style condos and advertise it to the Miata driving Weho crowd as "Walk home drunk from Akbar and MJ's". Not that I go to any of those places."

8) Hollywood: One more from Hollywood. "I have heard a rumor of a new Rock Climbing Gym being built on Hollywood Blvd. in Hollywood. Any word on this? I hope its not part of the highland structure like some sort of Xtreme Chuckie Cheese. Who knows...."