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The Upside of Crap

There are few positives to come out of the recent sewerage spill in Manhattan Beach. In fact, we can't think of one. But The Aesthetic has done our thinking for us and pinpoints the selling points for what many might consider an ecological disaster. Realtors take note.

· Thanks to heavy chlorine washing, Manhattan's beach is not only clean, it's anti-bacterial. · Mutant fish growing in the toxic sewage plume will give unique opportunities for angling enthusiasts.

· The smell of fecal matter will attract throngs of home buyers from the Midwest longing to smell the fertilizer of their farmland once again.

· The public's fear of getting sick if they touch the sand will create beach and ocean views untarnished by the presence of people.

· The incident will create a whole new market for people with the sick desire to live near such an infamous disaster.

In related news, we hear the beaches are now clean enough for people to visit them again. However, we don't recommend eating the sand.
(Picture credit: Brad Graverson/AP)
· Raw sewage is good for property values [The Aesthetic]