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Artificial or Reality? La La Land Up Close

There's no shortage of ways to amaze us. Snap a "tilt shift lens" on your camera, take some pictures from a helicopter of famous SoCal landmarks and you're likely to be recognized in a Curbed LA post. Photographer Olivo Barbieri did just that, although this post probably wasn't his ultimate goal, and articulates the fantasy meets reality of today's modern metropolises. Above, he lets his camera paint a mini-model of the Santa Monica pier. Via Metropolis:
It's often hard to convince people that Olivo Barbieri's aerial photographs are real. They look uncannily like hyperdetailed models, absent the imperfections of reality. Streets are strangely clean, trees look plastic, and odd distortions of scale create the opposite effect of what we expect from aerial photography--a complete overview, like military surveillance. Barbieri also provides some wickedly unrealistic pictures of Disney Hall (if that's possible) and the Queen Mary in Long Beach.
· Model World [Metropolis via BLDGBLOG]