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Friday Morning Opinionated Linkage

The Daily News shakes it's big Opinion Page stick at Councilman Bill Rosendahl. The Councilman's plan for a half-percent sales tax hike has raised the ire of the Daily News, because it will essentially fund the West Side extension of the Red Line while the poor fools in the Valley are stuck with the Orange Line busway.
· Tunnel vision [Daily News]

"USC is here to take over." So goes the drama in University Park where locals are feeling the pressure as USC continues to expand it's sphere of influence. Student housing versus housing for locals and the threat of eminent domain has the neighborhood in a frenzy. And the proposed "Off-Campus Housing Overlay District" has everyone confused.
· History bolsters residents' fears of USC takeover [Daily Trojan]

We've got Griffith Park. We've got MacArthur Park. We even have Bernard Parks. But there's still not enough parks in our city. Now the chance to create and keep green space in areas where parks are rare is slipping away. The new Parker Center will occupy a site south of City Hall originally envisioned as a neighborhood park. Further south, a community garden used by the poor and needy is being redeveloped for a non-park like use.
· L.A. -- it's no park place [LA Times]