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In Brief: Defamer's Celebrity Real Estate

Our third cousins removed twice by marriage at Defamer have the always fascinating "Defamer Real Estate Correspondent" who has had a couple of excellent finds over the past few weeks.

· The House of Bennifer - " the former love den of Ben Affleck and J-Lo, now back on the market at $4.9 million, reduced from $5.2 million. The property is quite private and large for the Hollywood Hills, gated, on nearly an acre of land at the end of St. Ives, off lower Sunset Plaza."

· Ellen's Place(s) - "In the ever-more-complex swirl of real estate transactions surrounding Ellen DeGeneres, part of her Mulholland “compound” is back on the market after being sold, the bulk of the property has been reduced in price, and the talk-show hostess has made another purchase, buying a Marmol + Radziner home near the “Bird” Streets for $6.5 million dollars from commercial director Dave Ramser." Ellen is also selling her "mistress" house off Mulholland for $2.4 million. And if that's not enough, the Defamer Correspondent also notes that Ellen's adjacent lovenest is on sale for $8.9 million, down from the original asking price of $13 million. There's more buying and selling than we can quote without being accused of plagiarism so we direct you to the original post.

The Ellen post also generated an email from one of our New York readers, "the PriceChopper", who noted "Ellen reduced the price of her house from $13 million to $8.9 million. A 31.5% savings!" When the bubble bursts, we'll note that Ellen's real estate activity was a precursor.