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Chaos in Highland Park: Albertsons Out

Our neighborhood watch on the Albertsons at Avenue 45 and Figueroa in Highland Park continues today with our original emailer replying to the last post.

I saw today someone from the hood posted a reply. They, of course, got it all wrong. People do want Albertsons to stay open. I don't give a crap about their parking lot or the homeless people who want you to buy them beer outside the store. I just want a damn mainstream supermarket to stay in this neighborhood. Not like Alberstons is soo fucking cool, but hey, at least it's close. I'm not really feeling having to drive to South Pasadena just to hit up a supermarket. There seriously isn't anyplace to shop, much less kick it or meet up with friends in Mt. Washington or Montecito Heights. We have parks up the ass, and that's cool, but I'm talking about places of business where you can hang out and shop. Damn, why is that hard for some people to understand? Thanks again Curbed. You continue to rock.

We know. Another reader gets into the mix, saying the Albertsons will become a Food 4 Less, which technically is a main stream store because it's a part of the Kroger supermarket family - so it's almost like you're getting a Ralph's.
UPDATE: The reader with the Food 4 Less tip corrects himself, saying the Food 4 Less is already in existence down the road - he doesn't know what the independent market will be. He also says,"I find it odd that the people complaining will drive to the NuArt or the Arclight but don't want to schlep for groceries. It's LA--we drive here."