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Rumblings and Bumblings: The Good, Bad, and Fugly

[You asked. Your in-the-know neighbors will answer. More development questions and answers to]

1) Hollywood: A reader offers up a two parter, "I noticed that Schwab's Restaurant at "Sunset + Vine" closed and I wondered if they will keep the giant Schwab's neon billboard (I thought it fit in nicely with the hood). I also wonder if this closing is any indication on how Sunset & Vine is doing. Every time I am there, the place seems to be jumping, so how is the complex? What is the occupancy rate of the apartments? Speaking of that intersection, is there any news on the Vine Tower?" We didn't know Schwab's closed! Shocking!

2) Los Feliz: Another reader has had enough with the stripmall eyesore at the entrance to Los Feliz Village. "Will the Barnsdale Shopping Center finally be torn down at the corner of Hollywood and Vermont in Los Feliz to make way for a [transit oriented development]? It is such an eyesore! And they have a curious sign up that looks as if they are trying to sell the piece of junk."

3) Mid-Wilshire: We're curious about this development too. A reader asks, "What is happening with the condominium conversion project of the old Getty Oil building? Is Forest City still developing it or have they sold it?"

4) West Hollywood: Something is always goung on in Beverly Hills-adjacent. "Say, what's up with the building on the north-east corner of Santa Monica Boulevard and Doheney, in "Beverly Hills-adjacent" West Hollywood? It's a bricks-and-terra-cotta facade two-story thing on a wedge-shaped lot, and it's been boarded-up for years. The Moosberg (sp?) Gallery is directly next door to the east, and the Troubadour is a couple of doors east of that. About nine months ago I noticed the plywood boards had come down, and contractor-types (or, maybe film techies?) were wandering in and out like cats for few days; then the boards went back up."

5) Hollywood: Unsatisfied with our answer last week to the question on prices at Hollywood & Vine, a reader goes over our heads and disturbs our New York overlords to get an answer. Nice move reader. "do you have an idea the costs of the lofts... at hollywood and vine? what is the rumor of price. My friend says she heard Brad Pitt and Susan Sarandon already bought in. if that is true, then I fear the price is nose bleed. might you have an idea?"