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Monday Morning Linkage

Live in cramped quarters? Have impeccable taste? Fame whore? HGTV is looking for you - or more likely your well decorated, sub-1,000 square foot home. "Small Space, Big Style" is looking for homes in LA to feature. Show your home and peculiar tastes to an unforgiving American public.
· HGTV looking for great small homes in LA [Live Modern]

If you missed it last week, LAist did a two-parter on the Holly Trolley which me mentioned previously (here, here and here). The Trolley will carry drunkards around Hollywood, connecting the clubs with parking garages and mass transit stations.
· LAist Rides the Holly Trolley, Part II [LAist]

HotelChatter has been providing a decent run-down of their recent visit to LA, or more specifically WEHO, in which they sampled a variety of our fine hotels. The Valadon Hotel, north of Santa Monica Blvd., is retro 70s, but not in a good way. But the price is right, rooms for under $150 per night.
· LA Hotel Scene: The Poor Man's West Hollywood Suite Hotel [HotelChatter]

A rich dude with real estate smarts named Richard Meruelo gets profiled in the Downtown News. He's building the glass tower at 717 Flower with a fanciful aquatic theme. He also owns a lot of the property at the center of the downtown renaissance, including the area around SCI-Arc that he planned to overdevelop with two "Miami-style" towers. The public relations fiasco made him table those plans - now he'sworking to improve his public relations skills. Excellent.
· Richard Meruelo's Wild Ride [LA Downtown News]