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Elaine Young: Realtor to the Stars

We've been lax in the attention we pay to the realtor community. A kind reader emails us a sweet link to the Web site of Elaine Young, "Realtor to the Stars" (thank God no one has copyrighted that phrase). And indeed she is - from the infamous to the famously dead, she has sold a house to a who's who of clientele. From her Web site (a must see):

She has handled transactions such as the now infamous O.J. Simpson estate on Rockingham. Additional clients include Bill Cosby, Sylvester Stallone, Shaquille O'Neal, Elizabeth Taylor, Stevie Wonder, Cher, M.C. Hammer, David Geffen, Elvis Presley, and President John F. Kennedy to name a few... Elaine Young is in love with real estate. That's why celebrities trust her judgment when it comes to finding them the home of their dreams. When John F. Kennedy wanted to lease a house in Beverly Hills, he knew what to do… call Elaine Young. When Elvis Presley needed a special room for his pet monkey, he knew what to do… call Elaine Young. When Elizabeth Taylor wanted a dreamy, romantic house, she knew what to do… call Elaine Young.

And as our reader pointed out, Elaine comes with excellent references, including this one from her ex-husband:

Elaine is the hardest working real estate agent on the face of the planet. She will drop anything and run to take care of a client’s needs, no matter what she is in the middle of at the time. I saw her in action about 13 years ago and since then we have become great friends. Keeping up with Elaine is almost impossible and I know this because after trying to keep up with her, I once went to Africa for two years, just to get a rest. I attribute that fact to the reason we got divorced. I now completely understand how and why she works so hard. She simply likes it. WILLIAM A. LEVEY,

You can't make this shit up. Okay, maybe you can. But real people shouldn't.