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Garcetti Rips off Scabs, Salts Our Wounds

Just as we thought the City would finally heal itself following the nightmarish loss of USC to Texas in the Rose Bowl, news comes that one of those charming "Don't Mess With Texas" banners is being thrust upon us, in what can only be termed a horribly cruel joke. And who can we thank for it - Councilman Jack Weiss' colleague and likely best friend on the City Council, Eric Garcetti.

A "Don't Mess With Texas" banner will soon fly over Los Angeles City Hall, thanks to City Council President Eric Garcetti, who lost a Rose Bowl bet with his counterpart in Houston. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa also placed friendly wagers with Texas officials over the bowl game, won by Texas 41-38, but they merely involved gift baskets of state products from the loser to the winner.

We hope Garcetti gets help for his gambling problem.
· Rose Bowl Bet Places City Hall Under Texas Banner [NBC 4]